Hello! Welcome to the LiteLynk beta program. LiteLynk will be a private internet service, delivered wirelessly, that provides amazing performance and reliability. We partner with  multi-tenant commercial and residential facilities, to provide access to higher speeds and enhanced security tools.

LiteLynk features simple and transparent pricing, without any extras such as taxes and equipment fees. Service is $99/Month for a 1/1Gb connection (download/upload) or $149/Month for a 2/1GB connection (download/upload).


What features are included?

Internet Gateway/Wi-Fi 6 Access Point – Access high speed internet with a wire or without. All customers receive a complimentary WiFi router featuring WiFi 6 speeds .

Next Generation Virtual Firewall with Edge Protection – Block potential problems from entering your home or business network with tools like website content/app filtering, location / IP blocking, and more.

Endpoint Antivirus Protection with Remote Monitoring – Protect your digital information with advanced antivirus and anti-malware software, using state of the art scanning techniques.

Website Hosting with extras – Start a new website or migrate an existing one. Our secure, high speed web hosting is the perfect place to engage your web-based audience. Includes an SSL certificate, domain name, and basic email.

Online Password Wallet – Get rid of your notebook or excel worksheet. Included with your service is an online password management solution, providing secure rolodex like access to your login information, wherever you have a broadband connection.

How much does the service cost?

LiteLynk is available for $99/Month with a 1/1Gb (download/upload) connection or $149/Month for a 2/1 Gb connection.

Included Features –

1Gb – 1 A/V License, 1 Password Wallet, 5 GB Website/Email.

2/1Gb – 5 A/V License, 5 Password Wallets, 50 GB Website/Email.

We provide a complimentary router with a WiFi 6 Access Point.

First month required at time of install.

60-day money back guarantee.

Automatic payment is required for all future billing.

All taxes and fees are included in the price.

How is LiteLynk installed?

Installation occurs in three stages.

A site survey for the building is performed. A small wireless receiver is installed on the roof of the building.

A cable is run to the coax room for the building.

Individual connections are made to each unit requesting service, using the existing coax/cable lines that run to each unit.

To begin service delivery, the owner(s) of the building must authorize the installation of the rooftop receiver, as well as the service box located inside of the coax room.

Additional Information?

If you are interested in establishing service, please send us an email. We require a minimum of 2 units that have pre-registered to establish service. You can email us at [email protected]. Permission from the property owner will be required before service can be started.