Helix Technology Group

Server Virtualization

Increase the long term reliability and security of your solution by moving your workload to cloud platforms like Amazon AWS and Google Compute.

Software Engineering

From concept to deployment, we can facilitate the necessary capabilities to help your organization realize the vision of your project. Languages include Python, Java, the C family, Node, and many more.


Many of our clients can recognize a technology related problem, but are unsure of what is needed to solved it. That is the perfect time for us to step in and leverage our years of experience to identify your organizations tangible objectives, and develop a road map that achieves those requirements.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is a strategic commitment that an organization must make to protect its infrastructure. It requires consistent attention as threats emerge and evolve, as well as a rapid response strategy designed to identify and remediate a potential breach.

Network / Connectivity

From fiber optics or wireless mesh networks, to existing infrastructure modernization and upgrades, our engineers can help you at every stage. Let our team identify the best strategy to fulfilling your connectivity needs for today, as well as the demands of tomorrow.


We have relationships with manufactures and distributors throughout the country, ensuring we can provide your organization with right components to tackle and project. Let our team review your hardware or software requirements, and provide you with best-fit solutions tailored to your projects individual needs.

Technology Partners