About Us

Welcome ! We are Helix Technology Group.

We provide Network Design, Systems Administration and ICS / SCADA services for commercial and government entities.

Our team has decades of combined experience designing and deploying technology solutions that exceed our client’s requirements. Keep reading and learn how the Helix Technology Group can help your organization complete your project within budget and ahead of schedule.

Business People Working with Technology

Network Design

From concept to administration, our team has the skills and experience needed to provide your organization with network capabilities that solve the challenges of today while meetings the demands of tomorrow.

Systems Administration

From in-house data facilities to cloud computing resources, our team has the necessary background to take your project from paper to operational readiness, efficiently and securely.


Trust us to handle your mission critical ICS systems. Our team uses state of the art tools and industry leading best practices, to ensure your infrastructure is delivering the accuracy and high-availability that your needs demand.

Active Projects Today

Our team members have lead projects of all scopes and sizes, from large mult-national organizations to state and local governments. We are committed to exceeding your deliverable’s.


Network Design


Server Systems Administration



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